Fear of Public Speaking

From now on I'm talking..." 

Presenting with self-confidence - overcoming a fear of public speaking

Do you recognise these situations?

You want to present a piece of group work and you are so nervous that your hands and voice are shaking?
You blush while speaking in public and you seem unable to think on your feet?
You avoid making a presentation and then you are annoyed with yourself about it?

The fear of public speaking phenomenon is widespread in higher education. Many students find it difficult to make presentations, take part in discussions, and show what they know in exams.

This two-day seminar gives you the chance to get to grips with your own fear of public speaking in a secure environment. You will learn to better understand your anxiety and its symptoms. A range of strategies for overcoming it will be explained and explored.

The seminar's objectives are:

  • To improve your ability to deal in a calmer way with speaking situations which trigger your anxiety
  • To possibly even (re)discover pleasure in giving a presentation

Seminar methods include theoretical input, individual and group work, work on the body's three presence zones, presentation exercises, physical and relaxation exercises, feedback.

The next workshop will be held on: 

Sorry, the workshop planned for May 2020 had to be cancelled. If You are interested in individual councelling please let us know.

Only availabe in German!

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Guidance: Doris Moormann