Internet Addiction and Studying

Am I addicted to my computer or the internet?

People who are addicted to their computer or the internet do not experience physical symptoms, as is the case with traditional addictions.  There can, however, be enormous psychological withdrawal symptoms so that you become dependent on the activity and the sensations associated with it, as occurs with a gambling addiction. The questions below may help you to form an initial conclusion as to whether you are at risk. 

  • Are you often online for longer than you intended?
  • Do people around you complain about the amount of time you spend online?
  • Are your studies suffering from the amount of time that you are spending online?
  • Do you change the subject if someone asks you what you do online?
  • Do you react angrily and aggressively if someone disturbs you while you are online?
  • Do you often suffer from a lack of sleep because you have been online late into the night?
  • Do you decide to reduce your computer/online time without actually doing so?
  • Do you often feel depressed, moody or nervous when you are offline, and feel better when you are back online?

More than three Yes answers indicates that your computer/internet use is in the critical area and is causing you to neglect other important things in your life.
If you want to examine your situation in more detail, you can use our counselling service.