We believe it is particularly important that we not only encourage student culture but promote it in a variety of ways.

We help out with PR work and with looking for suitable premises, and we support complex projects from their very beginnings.

We also fund projects financially.

Are you planning a creative project or cultural event, and will it be aimed at a large number of students, but you need financial support or other help?  Please, just contact us:


Campus TV
Fußballturnier Fachbereich 3
Kutterpullen der Hochschule Bremen
Kutterpullen und Hochschulfete der Hochschule Bremerhaven
Bremer Mensch ärgere Dich nicht Meisterschaft
Sommerfest Vorstrasse
Theater InCognito
UNI Nacht XL

Application form

In the case of funding already granted in previous years, the title of the event is sufficient

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maurice.maeschig [at]
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