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1. How do I apply for an accommodation place?

For an apartment, please send us the completed accommodation application form and the documents. For a room in a shared flat, please see Point 11.  You can also download the accommodation application from the Important Forms section.

2. When can I apply?

You can apply to us for accommodation whenever you wish, and we will be happy to add you to our list of applicants. However, you will only be entitled to accommodation when we have received all the documents indicated on our accommodation application.
The admission notice/matriculation certificate from the university or any institution of higher education in the state of Bremen is very important.

3. Can I reject a housing offer?

Anyone who rejects a housing offer can only apply for a place in our shared apartments. There is no entitlement to the assignment of another place. Exceptions apply to study related absence.

4. Can I also rent a room as a »non-student«?

Please contact us directly.

5. How will I be kept informed?

Apartments are allocated from a waiting list. You will be sent a message when one becomes available.

6. What types of accommodation are available?

Rooms in shared flats and apartments are available.

7. Are there any family flats available?

Please contact us directly.

8. What is a room in a shared flat?

You rent a room and share the bathroom/WC and the kitchen with other people in the flat.

9. What is an apartment?

A self-contained accommodation unit with its own small kitchen and its own bathroom.

10. Is the accommodation furnished?

Yes. But you need to bring household items and bedding.

11. What is included in the rent?

All ancillary costs, including internet access.

12. Can I apply for a room in an existing shared flat?

The occupants of a shared flat are entitled to have a say in who lives there. You will need to get the agreement of the flat's occupants.

13. How long can I stay in student union accommodation?

A maximum of 60 months.

14. Can the 60 month maximum period of residence be extended?

In sufficiently justified and exceptional cases, an extension of the residence period may be granted on request. (Application for extension of rent period)

15. Do I need to provide a deposit?

Yes. Before the agreement begins you will need to make the 1st rental payment and provide a deposit.

16. Where do I get the key for my accommodation?

From the relevant concierge at an arranged time.

17. Does the accommodation have clothes washing facilities?

Yes. All the accommodation facilities have washing machines and dryers which can be used for a small charge.

18. Is there parking space for my car?

Most accommodation facilities have car parks.

19. Is there somewhere to store my bicycle?

Yes, in all our accommodation facilities.

. What conditions do I need to comply with if I wish to sub-let?

Please note that a subtenancy can be approved only when you have completed the application in full and submitted it with all documents requested in due time, but at least three weeks before the subtenancy is due to start to the working group leader responsible for you. You can find the application under Important forms and Information.