Counselling & Social

Studying isn't always easy...

Studying is a time full of many new experiences. In addition to professional training, you also go through important personal changes: old friendships drift apart and new relationships develop. You might be a long way away from your parents, partnerships can develop, and you have to think about your longer-term social and career plans. Often, problems finding your bearings, feeling under pressure to perform, and competition can give rise to fundamental feelings of self-doubt at the beginning of university. 

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and usually an eventful time...

Your student status and funding situation can change due to family planning, studying part-time, illness, or taking a semester off.

Students with children, disabilities, or physical or mental health problems in particular, as well as students from abroad, often face particular challenges in this new stage of life. The welfare advice service can offer you helpful tips and (social) legal information.

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... during which you can get support!

We see ourselves as people you can come to with these and other study-related, personal, and social problems. The way we see it, crises cause anxiety, but are also an opportunity for personal growth and expanding your limits.

We offer various services to help find individual solutions to support you when you come to us with an issue.

As a student, you can avail yourself of the advice services at any time - even during university holidays - free of charge and with minimum red tape. All members of staff are of course subject to a duty of confidentiality.