Student Accommodation

Bremen has 1.906 places and Bremerhaven has 106 places available to students in 12 modern accommodation facilities. There are additional 26 places in Bremerhaven within the cooperation project # H34 with STÄWOG.

The rooms have modern furnishings and either a kitchenette or electric stove, depending on the unit, but they all have a fridge, sink and bathroom. There is no need for you to bring your own furniture.

The accommodation facilities have 1-room apartments, and 2-, 3- and 4-room flats available for couples and families.

There are also a lot of shared flats of different sizes so that students can live together with others.

Most of the accommodation facilities have club rooms, a laundry room, bicycle sheds and car parking spaces.

They all also have a concierge so that our tenants feel comfortable.

Rents for 1-room apartments vary depending on the size and type of room and are currently between €195 and €288 , so usually well below market prices.

Please enquire about prices for multi-room flats.

All rents are fixed fees. They include:

Basic rent
Waste disposal for the building
Satellite TV
Internet connection and 24/7 usage

So there are no running costs to add!