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A very warm welcome to Studierendenwerk Bremen!
We are students' first point of contact for any issues relating to accommodation, Cafeterias and Canteens, culture, funding / BAföG as well as pychological and social counselling.

We also collaborate with child care agencies to ensure that students can study in a family-friendly way.



Today's menu

Meal 1 vegetarian Stud. Empl. Students Employees
Die Mensa bleibt, aufgrund der aktuellen Situation bis auf Weiteres, geschlossen. Aktuelle Informationen finden Sie unserer Homepage. www.stw-bremen.de/de/news/coronavirus
Aktion Cafeteria Stud. Empl. Students Employees
Karfreitag geschlossen
Karfreitag geschlossen
Cafeteria "Pizza & Co" Stud. Empl. Students Employees
vegetarischPizzaa1 Bruschetta mit Tomaten- und Zwiebelwürfeln, Kräutern und Mozzarellag 3,00€3,30€
GeflügelSchweinefleischPizzaa1 Flame mit Schmandg, roten Zwiebeln, Hähnchenbrust, Bacon2, 3 und BBQ-Saucei3,00€3,40€
vegetarischTürkische Pizzaa1, f mit Mix Salat1, c, j und Kräutercremeg 3,00€3,40€
Cafeteria "Snack it" Stud. Empl. Students Employees
RindfleischSchweinefleischCurrywurst2, 3, 4, 5, i, j2,80€3,05€
Geflügel7 Chicken Nuggets4, a1 Formfleischerzeugnis + DIP2,30€2,50€
veganPommes große Portion2,20€2,45€
veganPommes kleine Portion1,30€1,45€
vegetarischBackkartoffel mit Kräutercremeg2,30€2,50€
Aktion Frühstück Stud. Empl. Students Employees
vegetarischPortion Rühreic mit einem Brötchena1, Butter1, Tomate und Gurke2,50€2,75€
SchweinefleischPortion Bacon2, 30,70€0,80€
The additives and allergen markings in the weekly plan can differ from the current version. Please note the daily notices. Subject to modifications




acereals containing gluten and products thereof, a1wheat, a2rye, a3barley, a4oat, a5spelt, a6kamut, bcrustaceans and products thereof, ceggs and products thereof, dfish and products thereof, epeanuts and products thereof, fsoybeans and products thereof, gmilk and dairy products, including lactose, hnuts and products thereof, h1almonds, h2hazelnut, h3walnut, h4chashew nut, h5pecans, h6Brazil nut, h7pistachio, h8macadamia, icelery and products thereof, jmustard and products thereof, ksulphur oxide and sulfide at concentration of > 10mg/kg or 10mg/l, llupine and products thereof, msesame seeds and products thereof, nmolluscs and products thereof


1with dye, 2with preservative, 3with antioxidant, 4with phosphate, 5with sweetener, 6with a source of phenylalanine, 7blackened, 8sulphured, 9waxed, 10with alcohol, 11with flavour enhancer, 12with caffeine