Social Counselling

The social counselling service supports all students, prospective students, and graduates seeking advice who need support with and information on personal, social, and financial matters closely related to student status and student life.

An advice service for everyone...

The social counselling service will help you clarify your need for advice and actively support you in finding solutions for issues that may affect your studies:

  • Starting, changing, or completing your course Information for Freshers, financial security
  • Studying and living with children  pregnancy and parental leave, benefits for students who are parents
  • Difficulties due to chronic illness or disability
  • Questions from foreign students
  • Changes in financial situation
  • Jobs and social security
  • Application procedures and requirements for (social) benefits such as housing allowance, unemployment benefit II, child allowance, etc.
  • Health insurance
  • Broadcast license fee (exemption) and student discounts
  • Support during periods of upheaval

In our advisory role, we can also recommend other special offers from universities and advice centres as necessary.

The consultation is free of charge. The conversations will be kept confidential. 

We support you in person as well as via phone and video!