Glaskaraffe im Eisbett

Canteens & Cafeterias

In nine canteens and cafeterias, we provide a balanced and reasonably priced range of food and drinks for students of public universities in the federal state of Bremen. In addition, further offers are available on our behalf in Speicher XI and Dechanatstraße.

Students' children below the age of seven may eat free of charge in all of our refectories. To do this you simply need a permit card, which you may obtain by presenting the child's birth certificate and your matriculation certificate.

If you have any queries or suggestions in relation to our catering, or if you want any information about our catering services, or if you want information about the MENSACARD or University Card, our staff in the various outlets and our university catering management staff will be happy to help you.


University Catering Management

University Catering Manager
anke.grupe-markschat [at]
+49 (0) 421 22 01 - 1 40 00
Portrait Herr Fallmann
University Catering Deputy Manager
juergen.fallmann [at]
+49 (0) 421 22 01 - 1 44 00