About the Mensacard

A word of advice…get yourself a Mensacard!

What are the benefits of a Mensacard?

  • Cash-free payment in our catering outlets
  • "Almost" no queues now at the tills
  • Use snack and drinks machines
  • Use washing machines and dryers in our accommodation
  • Print out and copy in SuUB libraries

Where do I get a Mensacard?

  • From the service point in the Uni-Mensa
  • From the service point in the Neustadtswall Mensa 
  • At the till at the Airport Mensa 
  • At the till at the Werderstraße Mensa
  • At the till at the Bremerhaven University Mensa 

What do I need to bring?

  • Students: your student ID or a valid matriculation certificate and personal ID
  • University staff: your work ID
  • 10€ (5€ Deposit, 5 € first credit)

Where can I top up the card?

On university premises

  • Uni-Mensa
  • in the SuUB entrance area (EC only)
  • Cafeteria GW2
  • Mensa NW1

At Bremen University of Applied Sciences

  • At the Neustadtswall Mensa
  • At the Werderstraße Mensa
  • At the Airport Mensa

At Bremerhaven University

  • At the Bremerhaven Mensa

Also at the Wohnpark am Fleet (EC only)

What data is stored?

The matriculation number, personal ID number and the credit currently available are stored on the Mensacard. We cannot use the matriculation number to access personal university data.

Lost your Mensacard?

If you lose your Mensacard, just come to one of our service points with your student ID and personal ID number. We will block your lost card and give you a new one in exchange for a deposit. The credit is transferred from the old card to the new one. This may take the system about two working days. Faulty cards which have been damaged due to being used incorrectly will only be replaced upon payment of the deposit.