Mensa Werderstraße

Located between the small and large Weser, you'll find the Mensa Werderstraße at the Hochschule Werderstraße. The seats on the beautiful outdoor terrace are particularly popular in summer .

Gericht aus dem Neustadtswall
Opening hours

Monday to Friday:
10.00 a. m. to 2.30 p. m.
Semester break:
Monday to Friday:
-.-- to --.--

8.00 a. m. to 2.00 p. m.
Wok bar:
-.-- to --.--
Wok bar during semester break:
-.-- to --.--

Suggestions, questions, praise & criticism:

Portrait Herr Sodtke
mensa.werderstrasse [at]
(0421) 22 01 - 1 85 01
Portrait Herr Lülker
Deputy Manager
mensa.werderstrasse [at]
+49 (0) 421 22 01 - 1 85 02
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Meal 1 Stud. Empl. Students Employees
GeflügelHähnchennuggetsa1, g, i in Backteig mit süß-saurer Sauce und Gemüsebratnudeln2,80€4,50€
Meal 2 Stud. Empl. Students Employees
veganNudeln in Tomatensauce1,70€3,50€
Meal 1 Stud. Empl. Students Employees
veganBerner Röstiecken4 mit Brokkoli1 & Champignons2, 3, 8, a1, k in Schnittlauchsauce 2,50€4,50€
Wok & Pan Stud. Empl. Students Employees
SchweinefleischAus dem Wok: Schweinefiletstreifen "Satay" mit frischem Gemüse in feiner2, a1, e, f, g Erdnuss-Sauce dazu Mie-Nudeln 4,70€5,30€
Meal 1 Stud. Empl. Students Employees
veganVegan gefüllte Paprikaschote mit Tomatensauce & Kräuterreis 2,50€4,50€
Wok & Pan Stud. Empl. Students Employees
GeflügelGebratene Hähnchenbrust2, 8, k mit Tomate & Mozzarellag überbacken auf Bandnudelna1, c mit Zucchinigemüse in Tomatensaucea1, g, i4,90€5,50€
Meal 1 Stud. Empl. Students Employees
Schweinefleisch "Currywurst" mit hausmacher Currysauce und Pommes frites2,80€4,50€
Meal 2 Stud. Empl. Students Employees
veganPikante Kürbissuppe1, a1, g mit Curry & Karotten dazu ein Brötchen1,50€3,30€
Meal 1 Stud. Empl. Students Employees
FischGebackenes Fischfilet4, a1, d, j mit Gemüsereis dazu Tomatensauce2,80€4,50€
Wok & Pan Stud. Empl. Students Employees
vegetarischGebratene frische Champignons3, 8, k mit Kräuter1, c, g -oder Knoblauchsauce1, c, g, Salatbouquet1, 3, 8, c, g, k & ofenfrischem Baguettea14,70€5,30€
The additives and allergen markings in the weekly plan can differ from the current version. Please note the daily notices. Subject to modifications


artgerechte TierhaltungEthical husbandry
mensaVital IconmensaVital


acereals containing gluten and products thereof, a1wheat, a2rye, a3barley, a4oat, a5spelt, a6kamut, bcrustaceans and products thereof, ceggs and products thereof, dfish and products thereof, epeanuts and products thereof, fsoybeans and products thereof, gmilk and dairy products, including lactose, hnuts and products thereof, h1almonds, h2hazelnut, h3walnut, h4chashew nut, h5pecans, h6Brazil nut, h7pistachio, h8macadamia, icelery and products thereof, jmustard and products thereof, ksulphur oxide and sulfide at concentration of > 10mg/kg or 10mg/l, llupine and products thereof, msesame seeds and products thereof, nmolluscs and products thereof


1with dye, 2with preservative, 3with antioxidant, 4with phosphate, 5with sweetener, 6with a source of phenylalanine, 7blackened, 8sulphured, 9waxed, 10with alcohol, 11with flavour enhancer, 12with caffeine, 13mit tierischem Lab