Self management for international students in Corona times

In this podcast we want to give international students some input on strategies for self-management and mental well-being during Corona times.

In the 1st episode, we will give some tips for a good working structure and healthy work-life balance.

In the 2nd episode, we will talk about the difficulty of having unrealistic high expectations about yourself and ways to deal with it.

In the 3rd episode, we focus on stress management and ways to learn to be able to relax.

In the 4th episode, we want to address the experience of a crisis and ways to deal with it.

Please note; Despite the reduced amount of data, loading the audio files via smartphone takes up to 30 seconds.

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Episode 1 - Tips for a good working structure
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Episode 2 - How to deal with inner pressure and perfectionism
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Episode 3 - Learning to relax
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Episode 4 - Dealing with a crisis in uncertain times
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