Mental Illness

Have you had a serious mental crisis, or been in hospital?

Or are you suffering from a mental illness? 

Many affected students feel that they can only cope with the demands of their studies and life in general to a limited degree. This group will help you to use learning techniques, and realistic time management and work planning, to organise your studies. You will also explore new ways of successfully structuring your life in general.

The group will act as a social support and make it easier for you to make gradual progress, giving you more confidence in your ability to study, despite possibly continuing (performance) limitations.

As well as being able to talk about your current problems with university life in general, you will be able to get to grips with your illness and the uncertainties associated with it, e.g. in terms of your own expectations of yourself, and to explore new solutions.

This group option should be regarded as separate to any out-patient psychiatric or psycho-therapeutic treatment.

Mondays, 11 am to 12.30 pm

Only availabe in German!

Would you like to register for this group? If so, please arrange a time for a preliminary chat with our office.

Guidance: Cordula Schrör