Take a look at our basic rules for a good working structure in times of corona (download see below)

Structuring Work

Do you recognise this?

  •  You should have submitted a paper the semester before last...
  •  Whole nights spent at your desk without putting a word down on paper?
  •  You've no excuse, but don't have the courage to start work on your thesis?
  •  The constant guilty conscience that you haven't done enough studying...

The ASG (Work Structuring Group) is an option which can provide a few simple rules which will start to change your established study behaviour. Our aim is to help you develop a suitable work structure and be able to deal constructively with the difficulties you have with your work. 

Using a specific study project, e.g. a paper, exam, Masters thesis, etc., and over the course of various weekly group meetings which we moderate, you will learn a number of successful time management and work planning techniques. The members of the group provide mutual support to one another over a period of up to ten months as they practise, complying with certain rules with the goal of completing the study project concerned successfully.

If you would like to take part in our work structuring groups, please contact our office to arrange an appointment for a preliminary chat. There are groups available at the counselling centre.