Attention Disorders

Do you find it difficult to organise your day?

Are you finding it hard to concentrate?

Are you suffering from forgetfulness, inertia, or hyperactivity? 

Students with an attention disorder (AD-H-D) often have this type of difficulty. They are often nervous and suffer from sleep disorders and inexplicable mood swings. And they find it difficult to manage their studies satisfactorily. The amount of independent learning, motivation, time management and stress tolerance that is required often leaves those affected with self-doubts, and sometimes causes them to abandon their course.

This self-help group can help you to better structure your studies and your day in general. You will also be able to talk about your own and typical AD(H)S problems with people who are similarly affected, and develop a new way of working. 


Only available in German!

Are You interested this group? If so, please arrange a time for a preliminary chat with our office.

Guidance: Simone Buchholz