Going into exams with confidence - overcoming exam nerves

Symptoms of exam nerves in students differ very widely: They can manifest themselves in postponing exam dates, as physical complaints and restlessness, and even in panic attacks and blackouts. These anxieties have a negative impact on cognitive performance and often prevent the student from completing their course.

However, anxiety can also result in improved performance if we can learn to deal with it productively: You probably overestimate the "threat" posed by the exam and examiner, and underestimate your own ability to control things. In the workshop you will learn to use your exam nerves to find good solutions. As part of the group, you may succeed in changing your attitude and getting an understanding of the source of your problems. You will also learn how to prepare for exams in a systematic, realistic way. 
Exercises to help you relax and build your own self-confidence will help you to control your anxiety levels and become calmer. You can regard the exam creatively, for instance, with you being the "main actor".

If you try to treat your nerves as a challenge you have taken the first step!

The next workshop will be held on: summer 2024

Only availabel in German!

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